Good Vibes Kombucha Gift Card!

Good Vibes Kombucha Gift Card!

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Gift your loved ones with a mixed case of Good Vibes Kombucha delivered to their door! 
After you complete your order, we will contact you directly to get the information needed.

Delivery area includes Boise, Eagle, and Meridian, Idaho.

Orders under $50 can be scheduled to pick up at our brewery located at 12375 W Chinden Blvd Suite B, Boise.

Flavor Descriptions:

  • Mojito (lime juice, coconut, raw mint)
  • Pina Colada (pineapple & tangerine juice, coconut)
  • Blueberry Ginger (ripe blueberries, ginger)
  • Watermelon Lime (ripe watermelon, lime juice)
  • Tangerine Ginger (tangerine juice, ginger)
  • Strawberry Mint (ripe strawberries, lemon juice, raw mint)

Here at Good Vibes Kombucha, we hand brew every batch with care. We use only top quality ingredients, striving to source local fruit and herbs. Our juices are raw fresh pressed from vine ripened real fruits, and our living herbs are hand sliced or pulverized and steeped in the tea. Good Vibes Kombucha is not pasteurized, we add no preservatives or chemicals, and do not use false flavorings. 

Kombucha contains .5% trace alcohol from natural fermentation, and must be kept cold.

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