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Good Vibes Kombucha is a local, family owned, homegrown, craft kombucha company made right here in Boise, Idaho.

We create top quality premium kombucha using only the finest teas. We infuse our kombucha with real vine-ripened fruit, garden-grown herbs, and fresh raw juiced ginger.

When available, we source our raw fruit and herbs from local farmers. We believe heartily in LOCAL supporting LOCAL and helping our Idaho neighboring small businesses thrive through buying from one another.

Thank you, Idaho, for keeping it LOCAL!

Together we will RISE!


Our mission is to uplift the lives of every person we touch.

We believe in the power of pouring Love and positive intention into our top quality product.

Good Vibes Kombucha is generously infused with the energy of kindness, compassion, joy, hope, peace and oneness.

We pour our hearts into our immune-boosting kombucha and believe that you will feel it as you drink it.

Your health and life matters!


Together we can make a difference!


Our bodies are our vehicles for a happy, active, healthy life, and our immune system begins in our gut health.

Consuming living probiotics is essential for our body’s strength, vitality and immunity.

Feeling vibrant ignites us with the power to achieve great things in the world.

When we feel good, we are fueled with passion to live out our dreams, to love more and give back to those around us.

What are YOU passionate about?

“Uplifting the planet one love-filled drop at a time!”


“I have tried basically every kombucha in Boise, and Good Vibes Kombucha is the best, hands down. Even my friends who don’t like kombucha brands love’s something about the real fruit I think! You can really tell each batch is made with quality ingredients and attention to detail. The flavors are out of this world.”

Rachael Barton

“Holy Cow!! Good Vibes has evolved their product from merely kombucha into a fine elixer. Not sure what kind of witchcraft they have going on in their brewery but its noticeable from lips to belly. 2000 years ago the Chinese referred to kombucha as “immortality tea.” I’d say they’d be proud of the Good Vibes product.”

Luke Rathke

“My husband use to take medication for acid reflux every day and was surprised to find that drinking Good Vibes Kombucha has completely eased his GERD symptoms. we now have it delivered to our home monthly, and love that it is also a healthy alternative to drinking beer! We’re big fans!”

Glen and Georgia
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