Recycle. Reduce. ReBOOCH!

At Good Vibes Kombucha we are dedicated to reducing waste and costs as much as possible. As costs of goods continue to rise, we are trying our best to avoid raising our prices for as long as possible. The one way that helps us most is by customers returning Good Vibes Kombucha bottles and carriers back to us to reuse!

Items we accept:

  • Good Vibes Kombucha 12oz glass bottles
  • 4 & 6 pack carriers
  • 24ct case boxes

We kindly ask the following:

  • Please rinse bottle after use
  • Only return Good Vibes Kombucha bottles & carriers

Return Locations

Good Vibes Kombucha Brewery

  • Open Mondays & Wednesdays, 10a-2p (or call/text for appointment)
  • 12375 W Chinden Blvd, Suite B
    Boise ID 83713

The Boise Farmers Market

Capital City Public Market

At Home Pick-Up

  • Swap your used bottles for new when you order delivery online.
  • Not ready to order more kombucha yet?
    Call/text us to let us know you have bottles ready for pick up, and we will let you know the next time we will be in your area.